Friday, February 6, 2009

What I've been up to...

Applications (which includes photos) are due for the Montrose Arts and Crafts Fair in June in just a few more weeks, so I've been frantically revamping my tent space so it looks inviting, eclectic and engaging to potential clients. I'm adding a lot of new art work into the mix this year and want my tent to reflect that new energy. I'm doing it all up in white with turquoise accents. So, I'm sewing turquoise flags and banner, adding Chinese lanterns, these sewn white leaf hangy things, and looking for turquoise and clear bottles for flowers and candles. In my mind it looks way cool!! (hope it really does!Ugh)

I've been trying my hand (locally to start) at this lifestyle. because I love the idea of traveling from town to town, meeting new people, seeing new lands, and a dash of the unknown thrown in! Sounds like a really romantic and intriguing life, doesn't it!!? I'm definitely up and ready for a change of scenery!

I'll post photos in a few weeks, as soon as I get it all in place. Stay tuned!

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