Thursday, May 21, 2009

Been up to a lot of things lately but none of them too exciting...kinda boring in fact! Trying to get all my artwork framed for my show, but it's been a lot of running around...some frames here, glass there, sales that don't start till the following week, certain matboards I want that can't be found anywhere around town so had to order it online....blah, blah, blah!!!Boooorrrring!! So a scant amount of art has actually been produced this week. My love graffiti piece is the only thing I've been working on.

another Singer bites the dust, and in the middle of working on this collage drawing. That's the second one in as many months! What is the Universe trying to tell me? Along with hitting up Aaron Brothers again for their sale this weekend I guess I'll be paying a visit to JoAnn Fabrics for a new machine!

Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get a new machine and finish this puppy up, along with two other drawings waiting to be sewn. I'm not 100% on board tho with this piece...thought I was...I really worked the collage part of this piece in many different ways and thought I liked this the best but now looking at it here I'm not feeling it.

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