Friday, May 29, 2009

sew like the wind old woman

I've gone from framing to sewing...and it's been a challenge as anyone with a kitten will know. I did mess up on one but is anyone really going to care that I have an unusually placed seam? Hopefully they'll be looking at my drawings and not inspecting the tableclothes! I purchased a Kenmore instead of my usual I feel like I've been spending absorbent amounts of money lately on my show, I didn't want to go overboard on a sewing machine. I really like the feel of's sooooo good to have a smooth working machine again.

This is the last weekend before my show so I still have much to do....finish putting together 3 collage drawings, finish that close up face drawing and finish my sign to put up on my tent to let people know that my work is actually drawings and not photographs. And guess what, a client I met last year at the art fair contacted me saying she wants another portrait done...I've already made a sale and I'm not even there yet!! Yahoo!

Have a happy relaxing weekend!!

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