Monday, August 24, 2009

another day at the beach, this one in san's beautiful rocky shores are amazingly fun to explore...could spend hours doing so but since i was all the way there for a company picnic, had to be social as well...with a game or two of volleyball!

i hate to say that little art has been accomplished lately but it's true...i admit it! hoping this week to get more drawing in as I am soooo close to rounding out my portfolio...20 in all.

but the new soccer season has begun and the start of school is just around the corner, so a lot of activities surrounding my daughters. but serendipitously i found myself at the brewery (not that kind of brewery...altho i do love beer!!) but an artist colony here in LA. saturday night was the closing of a friends art show, which i very much wanted to see it. it was a thought-provoking show and he graciously introduced me to the gallery i did make some connections as well there that lovely evening. it's such an interesting place, would love to have an exhibition there...never know!!

friday night was a date night for me...number 5 in 5 weeks! it's been such a pleasure getting to know this man, who is sorta in the same boat as me. we have such a fun time together...a glass or two of cabernet, talking endlessly, with a lot of laughter sprinkled in! as i am protective of my heart and that of my daughters, i am taking things extremely slow...with my radar up making sure he has a solid foundation of integrity and honesty because my heart can not take more pain right now, not after i've worked so hard to heal it!

so i hope your weekend was as joyous as mine...and i am anticipating getting a lot of drawing in this week (knock on wood) to show you!!

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