Sunday, August 9, 2009

sorry for the lack of posts last week, was laid up due to menopause! spent my evenings on the couch, gently cradling a microwave heating pad on my stomach. walking was a whole other experience, i resembled either a person with a bad case of osteoporosis or appeared 8 month pregnant...not a pretty week, let me tell you!! it's been very easy sailing for me, up until this last week! well...with the exception of my skin changing...way more wrinkles and sagging, but am attacking that with gusto as i will not take aging lying down! with the help of christiane northrup i now have a facial regiment that i spent a small fortune on and doing facial exercises twice a day (that's really helped, believe it or not).

holly cow!! got off on a tangent there!! onto ART now!!

with managing to feel better over the weekend, i focused on accomplishing more on my drawing of jessica. i had to enlist the help of my cheap mechanical pencil again for jessicas hair...i definitely have to invest in a higher quality one now, so maybe i'll hit up my favorite art store,
swains today. (i have a fantasy of being accidentally locked in there over a long holiday weekend and just going crazy creating with all the products in there!)

also took photos of friends and family members for future close up drawings. but need to crop and study my photos of them to see if any will work.

lastly, i just have to encourage you to go see julie & julia with your's a wonderful movie, the cast is awesome and you'll go away feeling so happy and inspired! i've never seen our local movie theater so jammed pack full of women before!!

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