Thursday, October 8, 2009

downtown art walk

as my cold is persisting here and going into my lungs, haven't been drawing very much at night, just taking it easy. so, you'll have to wait till monday to see some good progress on "scout!"

tho i did drag my youngest daughter emi to the downtown art walk in los angeles, as i wanted to check out three galleries i've had my eye on to send my promotional package to. lucky i did go as two of the galleries doors were shut. did find another one i liked but both times i've been there they've had only photography showing in that space. i'll go again next month for the final time before sending my work out.

on the way back to our car saw this interesting cracked pattern in the sidewalk and thought it so cool! took a few shots, then emi wanted to try and got her foot in the shot...but i LOVE it!! we decided this may be our new project together! photographing her feet downtown!!

there was an abundance of great art to be found at the galleries. but this artist, patrick haemmerlein is definitely my favorite. i've had my eye on his work ever since i saw it on the mincing mockingbird blog. next month i'm going to purchase one of his small tree pieces, i can't resist, they're just so awesome!

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