Monday, October 19, 2009

great art picks up where nature ends
marc chagall

here's my hiking buddy...josie. ever alert to mysterious sights and sounds in the mountains. we've been spending long weekend mornings lately just exploring...contemplating...dreaming! my resonance raises greatly when i'm in nature...sometimes it's hard to turn around and go back home where i know laundry, yard work, grocery shopping and so much more is patiently waiting for me. but it's all life is mostly balanced now, but as always, extremely busy!

college is being heavily discussed in our household...and other possibilities as well. and my future has been quietly waiting in the wings to see what Allie decides. that's what's been a bit difficult in taking alyson stanfields e-course, as one of our numerous assignments was to write out our intentions for our future. with my plans hinging on my daughters decisions i've had to have a couple of scenarios in mind.

finished silvia on friday and started two new pieces over the course of the weekend. tonight i'll be putting the finishing touches on my horse drawing so i can send it out on tuesday. and this week hope to get my biography finished (updated my resume last week) and redo my website once again. i want to simplify it and have it geared exclusively towards my drawings. seems a bit helter skelter to me right now.

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Lori said...

Good luck with everything- I wish you the very best in all you are doing. Josie looks like a sweetheart.


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