Tuesday, November 10, 2009


HA! I actually made my deadline for harley last night and to boot i finished jenna as well! ohhh yeah...just high fived myself!!

i'm actually very happy with the way harley turned out, considering the obscure photo i worked from. with few details to work with, i started out by using the dirty end of a blending stick as a paintbrush to lay down pure tone. i then gradually built up the dark tones, making it velvety, adding fur details as i went. constantly going back and reworking it as i did both my mirror and camera check.

as i look at jenna now, there are a few minor touch ups i want to do before i call it complete. that's a whole other subject...when is a piece considered finished? when i look at some older drawings i have to resist the urge to go back in and do some touch up work. this is the big problem with being a perfectionist... at least in this area of my life! i scrutinize my drawings to death!

tonight i'm off to a Lazaris seminar... so excited to be going! and besides two soccer games i am hoping to get in a lot of drawing...the ideas and inspiration are just flowing for me right now, so i wanna stay in this groove as long as possible!

have a happy and creative weekend!

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