Wednesday, December 16, 2009

can you see that thick layer of dust and cobwebs on my drafting table behind sammy? he figured he might as well take over my chair as long as i wasn't using it!!

yes the holidays have swept me away in all it's festivities, parties, get togethers and events. not to mention all the shopping, decorating and cookie baking. i've been too exhausted to draw lately and it's incredibly frustrating even tho i am having a great time being social!

i started this new series of small drawings with collage elements of people and their dogs. the third piece in this series is almost finished but can't get back to it! and i'm soooo close to completing my portfolio with only two more face close ups to work on. then my portfolio will be complete and ready to go out in the world to various galleries! i'm very nervous, but excited about that!

in the mean art work is on hold!

have the holidays taken over your life too?! what have you given up to spend massive amounts of time on shopping, wrapping and celebrating?

josie has given up some of her nightly walks (not by her choice tho!). but she is still keeping the christmas spirit in her own way (okay i forced her to wear the hat!).

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