Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 was a year of tremendous heartache that could have broken me, had i let it. but instead, i did heaps of healing, maturing, mending, shifting, and rebuilding with the help of Lazaris, a few books (when things fall apart, eat, pray, love, and i need your love-is that true) and the love and support of a few totally awesome friends and family.

it was also a surprising year in many ways! much to celebrate!

i renewed old friendships through facebook, found a plethora of new friends both on-line and in person, deepened my relationship with my brother, had memorable and joyous times with my family and friends, had a mischievous kitten join our family, spent much time in nature hiking with my dog and finally discovered my path with my art.
phew! that's quite a year~one i will never, ever forget!


i am beyond excited for twenty ten to begin! i really feel like this is going to be my year! so many ideas, plans and goals to achieve this year with my art. i also have a few small trips planned and my most exciting news...i'm going to africa...yes!! africa! yeah!!

my year is all about adventure and i am sooooo ready to leap into it!

hope the coming year is as exciting, packed full and over flowing with magic, love and adventure for you as well!

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