Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the dream...

"the dream you are living is your creation. it is your perception of reality that you can change at any time."
~don miguel riz from the four agreements~

you can't believe how many posts i have written since my last one. yet none seemed right to publish as i am going through this time of solitude and just have not worked out all the details yet...so i've pulled in, been silent...feeling like a hermit! Oh and i also have a nasty cold keeping me down as well!

but i'm making some very big decisions right now with my day job and my art...and i'm almost there with my thoughts but not quite yet.

on saturday i had a long distance phone consultation with an intuitive healer, nanci drew, which was awesome in many ways. she helped direct me in one area but left me excited at first but then confused later on in another. she said graphite wasn't going to be the medium in which i would find great success with but rather photography. i have to say that i've been having a blast these past few months playing with my camera and have been very happy with the results of some of my photos but never...really NEVER did i once think this was a viable creative path for me. so, i'm just sitting with all this information and seeing how it plays out in my reality.

in the mean time i've posted lilly again because she was accepted into the OCCCA's revisiting beauty competition! YAY!!! i'm feeling pretty proud of that as out of 800 images submitted only 79 got in....yay again!!! so, i am VERY excited and happy!

so...for now, i have to get lilly ready for the show and just start plunging into my tree commission.


Katherine Kean said...

Congratulations on your acceptance into the show! That's wonderful. I hope your cold is over soon.

Juliette Crane said...

your artwork is beautiful! happy to have found your blog and saw you took the creative thursday ecourse...im super excited for the next session. best wishes to you! juliette


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