Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i never did share the finished drawing of sassy and maggie with DA...!!

they are on their way to my lovely client, who worked very hard to get me the best photos she possibly could! i realize how hard it is for people to get good photos of their pets, that's why the toy poodle commission is officially on hold now, because the photos were just not clear and detailed enough for me to work with. hopefully it'll happen down the road as they were quite adorable!

and...i just wanted to share this absolutely wonderful news that i've been excited about all morning long: gov. arnold schwarzenegger signed a bill so that california will officially become a cage-free state in 2015. YAY, way to go arnie!! that makes me very happy!

here's the article:

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Lori said...

Oh it's FANTASTIC!!! It seems like you really captured their personalities.


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