Saturday, July 17, 2010

saturday meandering

only a scattering of saffron and white flowers left in the mountains...mostly dry, crunchy weeds now. so sad! but i'm still finding things to photograph as it is forever changing! that's amazing to me, how quickly some flowers die off and others appear...just from weekend to weekend.

also on this sweltering hot saturday, i met up with 3 of my fellow classmates from the flying lessons e-course with kelly rae. it was really wonderful meeting these creative souls, talking about sales, packaging, art and much, much more over passion fruit ice tea and spinach quiche! i so hope we can do it again.

and i have to tell you, lately the sale of my drawings on etsy and commissions are just falling into my lap, with little effort on my truly is awesome! nice to have the extra money as i seem to be spending it pretty fast getting ready for my trip!

hope you're having a wonderful and inspiring weekend too!!

1 comment:

The Creative Beast said...

it was great to meet you Katheryn! i would love to meet up again =-)

congratulations on the drawing commissions! that is great news!


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