Monday, September 20, 2010

over the weekend...

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"
Paulo Coelho i really haven't created much art to speak of since i've been back from kenya. yeah sure, over the weekend, when time has permitted i've worked on my tree commission, which by the way is progressing. and there were countless hours editing 4500 photos from africa. but what i have mostly been doing is a lot of behind the scenes stuff, getting ready to open my new etsy shop. i've encountered a few snags a long the way with my printer, so unfortunately it's taking longer than expected. :-(

 and always from mid august to end of september it's really mostly about the girls anyway. with getting ready for school, soccer season starting and everything that comes with that, back to school night, and this year we've added endless trips to the dentist and orthodontist. plus i have to tell you that being a single mom of two teenagers is just slightly overwhelming and challenging. the attitudes are in full check and the needs are high. and that's not always easy to deal with...altho i do have to say i am becoming way better at handling it. thank god for my sense of humor, the animals, dark chocolate with sea salt, friends and family, alcohol and art! not necessarily in that order!

 so stay tuned, soon i'll have my shop up and running with some awesome give a ways to boot!!yay!


Katherine Kean said...

Is that the tree commission in the middle photo? It looks great!

Kathryn Hansen said...

yes...that's it alright!!

and thanks!!!

The Creative Beast said...

LOL! love the "beware of teenager" sign!!

The teen years are so trying but it sounds as though you are finding ways to cope - congrats to you and the efforts you are making to help your girls grow into women =-)


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