Monday, October 18, 2010

and the winner is...

 ....all 3!!! instead of going with my original print and necklace give away,  i am going to send each of the 3 people who entered, the print they liked best!! i'm way more jazzed about that idea!i hope they are too! and let me just say i am deeply grateful you entered and that i get to send you one of my prints!!! 
 and let me just plug 2 of the people who entered because they are really super artists!
 i defy anyone to look at amelie's paintings and not immediately have their mood elevated...they make you smile with their bright colors and whimsical and dreamy subjects!  
monica is creative in many mediums and i highly relate to what she has to say on her blog about making it as an artist. 

 thanks again for participating!!!!

1 comment:

The Creative Beast said...

OMG!! I can't believe I won!

Katheryn, thank you for such amazing generosity in giving away THREE prints and necklaces, as well as the shout out to the blogs of us artists. Amelie's work is lovely and i'll have to check out her blog more often after your recommendation =-)


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