Thursday, October 7, 2010

a bit of news!

 i tell you...i am just soooo excited that i may use an extraordinary amount of exclamation marks in this post!!!! (see!) things are just moving along so smoothly and elegantly lately with my art (and in life)!! my new printer is working beautifully now...i'm just so happy with how my prints are turning out! and i just got into the gallery at the end of the world's artbender show in december...specifically the 2nd thru the 5th. if you're in the area, you have to stop by, it's imperative cuz it's just such a unique, quirky and eclectic place...and the people watching is superb!
and i am officially opening my new shop this friday...yes, you heard me...this friday...YAY!!! finally huh!! it's been a lot of work getting there, so i am very happy that it's now ready to go!! so watch for that give away next week!!
and lastly i have 3 competitions i'm entering in the next few that is really exciting for me as i put my photos out into the world and see what the response is!

hope whatever your passion is, that it's moving you into exciting places as well!!


Lori said...

I can see why you are soooo excited! Kathryn, this is all so great. I am THRILLED for you. thrilled. I am so happy about the new gallery and your new shop and competitions and giveaway:) Such great news.

The Creative Beast said...

This is fantastic news Katheryn!! Congratulations on all the goodness taking place in your life right now - I've got to look up that gallery so i can figure out how to get there! =-)

Amelia said...

well done you - this is so very exciting for a very talented person. I wish you loads of luck :)


Katherine Kean said...

What wonderful news Kathryn - I'm so happy to hear it, yet not at all surprised! I'll be watchng for details fo your events.

Art and Clasp said...

Congratulations Kathryn! You so deserve it. That dragonfly picture is an incredible shot! Best of luck in the competitions :)

Kathryn Hansen said...

you guys are soooooo awesome!! I so appreciate all your support and lovely comments!!


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