Monday, October 25, 2010


shambala is another hidden place in the surrounding LA area that i've never been to before. it's a cat sanctuary, existing solely to house abandoned  exotic felines, mostly from private owners. once a cat is brought to shambala, it stays there for the rest of it's life, where all of it's many (and expensive) needs are taken care of.  

my sister and i took a bus tour there through the community college. we super lucked out because it was a cold, foggy, drizzly day so the cats were active...a lion even roared so beautifully for us and Tippi Hedren came out at the end of the tour and eloquently spoke about how this place came to be, her time in washington dc trying to get a few bills passed to end breeding exotic felines, as well as being purchased by individuals in the united states and what she hoped to accomplish...which was putting herself out of business!!

i highly recommend taking a tour if you're in the's a fascinating and great way to spend a day and help with the cause!

** the photos with thriller and sabu were michael jacksons tiggers from neverland**

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Lori said...

Oh I would love it there. I love animal sanctuaries of all kinds. Within driving distance of my house it the farm Sanctuary and it is one of my favorite places to go. Although, it is far enough that I am not able to get there often. Thanks for sharing this...


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