Monday, April 25, 2011

portraits of the faire

 for easter this year we broke tradition and went to the renaissance pleasure faire all day. the costumes were amazing, the shows fun, the food really delicious and the people so friendly and funny...we had a fantastic time! an easter we won't ever forget!


The Creative Beast said...

I was there with my boyfriend the DAY BEFORE!! We go every year and dress in costume =-)

The fellow playing fiddle in the second shot has been a fixture at faire since it was held in the Malibu mountains and that's been over 30 years ago!

I'm so glad you experienced the joy of the Renaissance Faire - it's a great venue and everyone works hard to recreate the authenticity of the period =-)

The Creative Beast said...

BTW: I love the image on your blog header!

patty said...

Wow - cool pics! I love doing something a little un-traditional on holidays. It does help you to remember it!

Lori said...

How FUN!!!


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