Tuesday, April 5, 2011

what's blossoming?

...not the poppies in the antelope valley!!
my boyfriend and i skipped out of work last friday, put the top down and hit the I-5 up north to see the famous carpeted orange fields of poppies we had always heard about but never seen.
unfortunately the poppies were few and far between...especially on the reserve!
slightly disappointed.
what we did see was still beautiful!

and it was a gorgeous sunny day, 82 degree weather, egg salad sandwiches and ice cold beers...how can i complain?!!
and there's always next year!

1 comment:

patty said...

Ha - it's so often true that you end up getting something different than what you had envisioned! But with an open mind, you can relish the experience just the same. Sounds like you did that! Love the poppies you did find!!


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