Wednesday, May 25, 2011

fun opportunity!

 last week i received a fun opportunity to work with one of our top producing agents in our real estate office. she had a new 3 million dollar listing and asked me to take photos of it. wow...what an opportunity!! i was very excited and nervous at the same time, as i have never done this before and had never even taken indoor photos with my new camera! i learned so much in that one hour i took those photos and am pretty happy with the results! now i can hardly wait to see the brochure!


The Creative Beast said...

WOO HOO!! and amazing opportunity to be CREATIVE at your workplace Kat - i LOVE THAT!!! I'm sure the brochure will turn out beautifully since those photographs are BEAUTIFUL...maybe this will lead to more creative opportunities at your workplace =-)?!?!

Robyn said...



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