Monday, June 20, 2011

june gloom and other things

it was sooo chilly on sunday morning that i could barely hang around the mountain tops too long soaking in all that misty beauty. but i so lucked out and for the first time saw a large buck...although josie chased it, so it was gone in a flash, but was that ever a treat!! then she ticked off a rattlesnake hidden deep in the tawny weeds, thank goodness he warned us with his rattle so i could get josie away in time.
a new commission i just received of peni.
(c) Under the Shadow of the Oak  2011 Kathryn Hansen
i finally finished my oak tree drawing and have entered it in a competition. hopefully i got the resolution correct so it doesn't get kicked back. the few editing programs i have make it a huge guessing game. i think it's time to invest in photoshop!!
i rarely write about my daughters on my blog because i don't want to intrude on their privacy but i am just sooooo darn proud of my daughter allie and the end of this long, long chapter in her life! her high school graduation ceremony took place last thursday evening...and let me tell you, i really choked up when she entered the field to pomp and circumstance! it's very bittersweet...i am so fired up for allie to now really start living her life and yet sad that this is will never be the same. her journey has started and she's off and running!
and finally...i signed up for liv lanes e-course a few weeks ago and even tho i am so totally behind in the class, it has proven very valuable so far with more material to read than i can keep up with right now!! the course is closed but i highly recommend looking into the next session, or just check out her lovely blog here!

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The Creative Beast said...

Congratulations on Allie's graduation!

And good luck with e-course - it sounds like a good one. I may try it out the next go-round!


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