Friday, September 23, 2011

start at the very beginning

a few posts back i had mentioned that i was in the process of writing a small book on graphite drawing. i am still hard at work on it but it's really caused me to pause and become aware of just exactly how i begin a drawing. 

after years and years of drawing it's just become an intuitive process for me, i don't think about it at all, i just jump in feet first!

i really have no exact method of starting...some begin with an over all tone (like the drawing above) building up layers of darks...others i start in one section of the piece with high values, tones and details, each area fully complete before moving onto the next.

so it's been a very interesting challenge to pay attention! it has oddly effected how i began this commissioned piece above and in writing my outline and notes for my book.

it really is an exciting project i've embarked on!! i'm learning so much along the way!!


The Creative Beast said...

Congrats on the book project Kat!

Isn't it interesting that when we have to break down our process, we really have no idea how we actually begin our work?!!?!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I'm fascinated by those who have
that natural bent towards drawing
really well....yours are fantastic!
So much rest for the eyes in
simple black and white lines artfully placed.
Deeply beautiful.
well done, you:)


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