Wednesday, January 18, 2012

new drawing and vegas

 i switched gears quickly since i last posted. i was working on an elephant/oxpecker drawing to enter in the birds in art show in wausau wisconsin in april, but i found out that northlight books was coming out with strokes of genius: the best of drawing, book #5, so started a new drawing even though the theme and rules have not been officially announced as of yet. i don't know if this drawing will be a good fit for the competition but wanted to get a head start just in case!

i took this photo at a local hiking trail called deukmejan, named after former california governor george deukmejian. there's a beautiful old stone barn at the trail head, along with a few smaller buildings south of the barn. i think i'll be adding a jack rabbit at the lower portion of the drawing that i took in laguna beach last summer...i think it'll add more interest to the piece. and if this drawing doesn't end up fitting into the theme of book #5 i'll still have a nice drawing to add to my portfolio!!
 this past weekend my whole family plus friends met up in vegas to celebrate my nieces 21st birthday. although it was a super fun trip, vegas is definitely not my kind of place...but my boyfriend, his son and my girls had a fantastic and memorable road trip that included endless snacks, the world's largest thermometer, a ghost town and alien jerky!!


The Creative Beast said...

Good for you on starting a drawing for the Northlight Books competition - I'm sure it will find a place in the upcoming book =-)

I hear you about Las Vegas. My own dear boyfriend took me there for my 40th b-day and while it was interesting, it really isn't my first choice of a place to go to...I kinda wished I'd seen LV before the corporate take over, though =-\

Katherine Kean said...

Great thinking ahead - a wonderful start for the year - good luck with it!

patty said...

I know this drawing is going to be fantastic - Can't wait to see it develop!!
Vegas is not for me either, but it's interesting.... good that you got to go in winter instead of summer!

I'm a little distracted writing this by that cocker spaniel looking at me.. we have been looking online and I know we will get another one, but we are trying to hold off for a while for some travel, etc..... I just can't resist their big eyes!!

Lori said...

Good luck!!! Vegas is not my kind of place either, but once I had a lovely time there with my then boyfriend (now husband) too. Love your pics :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

cheering you on,
your amazing drawings,
your stunning eye
and beautiful, precious life!


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