Monday, February 13, 2012

progressing and tragedy

 when i looked back on my last post i realized that i am actually making a lot of progress!! and relatively fast as i found numerous pockets of time this past weekend to draw!
 i wanted to stay close to home this weekend as my youngest daughter witnessed a very tragic incident at school on friday afternoon and i wanted to keep her talking and feeling her feelings as much as possible.

a boy she knew took a running leap off of the 3rd story roof of the science building at the beginning of lunch period. unfortunately many other students witnessed this horrific scene as well. something you never want your child to have to deal with. something you, yourself never want to have to deal with. my heart is very, very heavy with sadness for the family, wondering how they can possibly cope with such a loss.

we are profoundly changed by this experience and hope that for whatever reason or higher purpose of this tragic incident that some good will come out of it...more kindness, understanding and thoughtfulness on the part of all the students there at the high school. maybe that's what Drew was looking for in his fellow classmates to make such a dramatic exit.


Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Wow, nobody should ever have to witness something like that. Makes you want to hold your loved ones that much closer. My heart goes out to the family that experienced such a tremendous loss. The sketch looks gorgeous.

Jennifer Richardson said...

It's a deep ache
when your children's eyes
are so assaulted,
their hearts so pounded
and bruised.
My heart lifts and calls out
for something redemptive
in the ugliness
of it all
and I pray peace
to you both,

The Creative Beast said...

OH! I'm so sorry your daughter had to witness such a sad and tragic event! It really is SO tragic when young people are feeling so desperate to take such actions...all that youthful potential is lost =-(

I hope you both move through this event and show yourselves much tender loving care in the days to come.


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