Friday, June 8, 2012


 covering ground pretty fast considering i hardly drew this gets in the way!!
after i shot off a few photos of my drawing i turned around, looked up and saw diamond up in the crook of our twisty oak tree, so of course i had to snap a photo (7) of her!!


Jennifer Richardson said...

i imagine how your heart
must feel
when you sit down to draw
and it relaxes me deep
because it's such a part
of who you are
that it seems light and water
to you.
it's really beautiful
how that is:)

patty said...

Love, love, love the drawing... so dreamy! And the kitty's not bad either!!

The Creative Beast said...

OH! That image that is emerging from your amazing drawing skills is WONDERFUL, calm and peaceful...AH!

Love that your cat is such an adventurer!

Amelia said...

what a wonderful photo of your cat!!! Love the eyes. Hope all is well with you :)



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