Friday, August 3, 2012

green light

my best laid plans to draw while on vacation did not pan out but lulu has now been in 3 states and is getting done!! i think by next week i should have her finished and be able to start her sister, buttercup!


The Creative Beast said...

I'm catching up on your blog posts and have to laugh at the idea that you thought you'd get some work done while on VACATION!!! It sounds as if you had a FABULOUS time and the pictures you've shared are beautiful.

Oh well - so if you didn't get much work done on "lulu", you can certainly say she is "well traveled"!! ;)

Hope you're feeling better these days and lost that cough!

patty said...

I have to laugh because, as you know, I wrote about this very thing recently. Vacation is vacation!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

lulu and buttercup
are being transformed
by some very talented hands
....well done you:)

Katherine Kean said...

Lulu and Buttercup drawings look like they are worth waiting for!


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