Saturday, September 1, 2012

crazy week drawing by drawing

sunday afternoons progress
only got in a little bit of noodling on monday night because of another ortho/dental appointment.

 tuesday night was a bust for drawing...yet another ortho/dentist appointment (4 long visits in one week...yikes! but my daughter will have a beautiful sparkling smile by the time this is all over!!) 
wednesday nights progress in and around my daughters soccer practice.
thursday night i lucked out and did not have to attend back to school night as planned, so i got a nice chunk of time to draw after dinner.

friday night...well it is friday night...spent a lovely evening drinking wine with my sister and watched the blue moon emerge!
saturday afternoons headway...almost there! yay!


Jennifer Richardson said...

delicious noodling:)
looks like he is coming to life
and being peeled off the page,

patty said...

I love seeing the intricacies of your drawings emerge. Good for you for documented that evolution. I always mean to do that with my mixed media pieces, but I get into it and just keep storming ahead and next thing you know.... it's done and too late!

The Creative Beast said...

I love how you've documented the emergence of this 'feline friend' drawing throughout your week; seeing the progress made is fantastic! I'd love to see other drawings documented in a similar way =-)

BTW: also love how his eye is 'sparkling' like a star! This cat may be resting but he's got some playful plans! ;)


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