Monday, December 3, 2012

one more show!

 one more show for me this coming sunday at the Modest Fly Art Gallery. it's a one day event from 12-5pm. i'm not quite sure what to expect, but i'm SO happy to be juried into it!

photo courtesy of modest fly
i am super hard at work framing up 7 pieces for the show...let me tell you, framing is a long process, especially when two drawings aren't quite finished yet! but they are lookin' good, if i do say so myself!!
 saturday nights reception at Segil Art Gallery was an enormous success! not that any red dots were seen...(yet!!)...but there was a huge crowd, despite the rain, lovely music, carolers, i got wonderful comments on my drawings by so many, and i ended up talking non-stop to lots of very awesome people! that last part is big for me as i get a bit intimidated and shy when i'm at gallery receptions. i don't easily strike up conversations because i feel like i am pushing people to buy my work. but maybe because the gallery was more intimate and i actually saw people i knew, but hadn't seen in a very long time, that it was a really great experience and gives me a bit more confidence when mingling at art receptions!


Katherine Kean said...

Congratulations! I'd have loved to be there, but had to work. Great to see a crowd!

Jennifer Richardson said...

the modest fly...what an awesome name.
your work will shine, i just know it.
much favor and blessing to you!


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