Monday, March 18, 2013

the birds of san buenaventura, ca

my boyfriend and i took a mini vacation to san buenaventura this past weekend. we intended to spend it riding our bikes in town, along the ocean and into the seaside wilderness park but it was sooo cold that we mostly just rode our bikes a short distance and sat on washed up logs and watched the bird show! i can't tell you how much i love doing that...just observing animals in their natural habitat...i find it fascinating, i learn SO much!! i just wish i had brought my binoculars, which i always seem to forget!!


The Creative Beast said...

DOH! I hate when I forget to bring binoculars, especially since I have two pair of them!! =-\

These photos are wonderful - it looks and sounds as though you had a wonderful time despite cool weather =-)

patty said...

Oh, it reminds me of the Salton Sea! This year my hubby brought "Birdwatching for Dummies" - perfect place for it. He really likes the book and kept reading passages outloud to me. Maybe he will get into it... not sure yet! But I know what you mean - they are such fascinating creatures and what a variety!! I always feel limited with my 300mm lens. Maybe one of these days I will splurge on a longer one. 8D

Jennifer Richardson said...

relaxes me just to ride along
and watch the birds with you.
beautiful....i think i see
some feathers in your studio future:)


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