Monday, March 25, 2013

the end is in sight!

if all goes well i should be done with this first go around by the end of this week (could be tricky tho with both soccer and Easter this coming weekend!)...then it's onto tightening up the details in the sand and grasses!


Katherine Kean said...

Looks wonderful. Thanks for posting the sequence, it's fun to see how you develop a drawing.

If you scroll continuously it appears on the page as if it's un-drawing itself. :)

patty said...

Such detail!! I swear I first thought it was a lovely black and white photo....can't wait to see the Final Version!

Jennifer Richardson said...

i can't even imagine
how utterly pleased
those pups and their owners
will be
once they see the magic
you've worked!
beautiful as always.
happy eastering,


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