Monday, September 23, 2013

Moo is mooving along!!!

although i haven't drawn since last wednesday night...moo is coming along pretty quickly.

my last commission, jessica and crystal are safely in my clients hands! 
the two day art show i participated in with 14 other awesome artists went very well. i received another commission, sold some prints and small pieces and was approached to do another show for designers and interior decorators! so, aside from exhaustion and a small cold, all in all it was a wonderful weekend!

and jesus orchestrated us with his magic red paint brush!! what more could we ask for?!


Jennifer Richardson said...

Ha! How wonderfully irreverent:)
Your life sounds delicious,
even with a cold.
So glad for your success!
(hope you're mending well)

Katherine Kean said...

Sounds wonderful! Feel better, too.

patty said...

Yay! It's wonderful to see you moving forward creatively like this! I thought of you at ArtPrize whenever I saw amazing pencil-type drawings. I took a pic of a chimpanzee face by Collin Burns that I will send you.


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