Wednesday, September 4, 2013

you remember Pete

you may recall a recent post of mine, filled with photographs from one of the most beautiful beaches (i think) in southern california. a private beach in palos verdes. 

that's where i met pete!

 it was a warm overcast afternoon, he was just hanging out with his pelican buddies and seagulls on the rocky shoreline discussing the days catch. pete was the only pelican who didn't fly away when i approached them stealth-like, as i didn't have my zoom lens with me. he definitely was not camera shy!

for being soo cooperative and gorgeous, i am creating a drawing of pete (in between my commissions). there will be a surprise twist to this drawing that i am very eager to add! i'm not going to say what it is yet, so we can all be surprised with the end results. for you because you've never seen it here before and for me to see if it actually works!! 

you won't see it till the very end so please stay tuned to this channel for the final results!


Katherine Kean said...

I'm happy to see PEte gets to be a drawing. I'm also looking forward to the surprise!

patty said...

I was down on the beach this morning and saw a whole line of them fly by. Such an important part of the whole beach atmosphere I think! I'm glad you are rewarding Pete with his very own rendering. Can't wait to see more!

Jennifer Richardson said...

staying tuned
(I have a crush on Pete already)


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