Monday, October 28, 2013

Joshua Tree

On the first part of the journey,
 I was looking at all the life. 
There were plants and birds. and rocks and things, 
There was sand and hills and rings. 
The first thing I met, was a fly with a buzz, 
And the sky, with no clouds. 
The heat was hot, and the ground was dry, 
But the air was full of sound.
after three trips this year, my relationship with joshua tree, california keeps deepening. with it's vast expanse and silence, with it's amazing people and their creativity and vision. i find myself drawn more and more to this place, inspiring me to strip down to just the essentials. i love the solitude, wonderment and innovation happening there and really appreciate the simplicity of life and nature.


Katherine Kean said...

Wonderful photos, Kathryn. Looks like it was another great trip!

patty said...

Oh, Kathryn, I so agree....I love everything about it with the exception of the no dogs on trails rule.
Such a unique and special place - you have captured it beautifully.

Jennifer Richardson said...

thank you thank you for taking us along
each time you go....I love the wonderment I feel
just from the share:)


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