Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dolores and friends

With Quiet Solitude aka Edgar completed, I'm diving right into my next drawing, a duck I named Dolores.
Quiet Solitude  Kathryn Hansen  (c) 2014 7.25x10.25
I spotted this beautiful Mallard duck in Santa Barbara while on vacation with my super fun girlfriend at the Botanic gardens on the out skirts of town. Its leisurely paths take you thru a small redwood forest, native plants, and a lovely pond filled with birds and turtles!
With some luck I should have Dolores done in time to enter into a gallery exhibit in the San Fernando, Ca area.


Katherine Kean said...

Quiet Solitude glows! I love your photographs.

I always thought of Dolores as a female name, but it is a unisex name, which suits either duck. The mallard with the iridescent green markings is male. The females are brown.

The Creative Beast said...

These drawings are amazing, as always Kathryn! I will have to check out the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens - thanks for the link!

Jennifer Richardson said...

quiets my heart, this:)
thank you,


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