Thursday, February 5, 2015

From Z to A

This is the third Grevy's zebra I've drawn and all 3 have 1 thing in common. 

It's the exact same zebra, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent ( I always name my animals while drawing them!) 
The Hitchhiker  Kathryn Hansen (c) 2015  6.25x9.75
This time however, I've created Jebediah in Polychromo colored pencil. A huge challenge as I wasn't expecting to use 12 colors in creating him! I am so new to colored pencil that my naivete regarding this medium really showed itself but I muddled through it and I'm very happy with the results!!!

Bakora, Jerry and Jebediah are all from Lewa Downs Conservancy, located in northern Kenya. Once a cattle ranch, it then became a sanctuary to protect the elusive black rhino, and then onto become a non-profit wildlife Conservancy where we saw the 3 cheetah brothers, giraffes, elephants, both white and black rhinos, ostriches and more!!
Bakora  Kathryn Hansen (c) 2012 5x5
Just Passing Through  Kathryn Hansen (c) 2014  5x8


Lissa Rachelle said...

Just beautiful, Kathryn! You'd never know they were all the same zebra! And you certainly do not look like you're struggling with the cp!! The coloured one turned out spectacularly! Though...I dunno why...the graphite are still my faves :)

Katherine Kean said...

How wonderful to see your work progress. How do you pick the names?

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh that zebra!
I sometimes run out of words
to say how much I adore your
drawings and the life you set free
in each one of them.
thanks for sharing your gift
with the world,


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