Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

When I read about all the snow in the mid-west and our own brush with snow just 15 minutes up the mountain from us...this is how I see it in my mind...pure, pristine and beautiful. Makes me very nostalgic for Christmases past. The laughter, the presents, some tears of happiness, champagne, food feast all day long, family, games, outdoor snow fun and joyous times. I wish everyone a most joyous, happy holiday and a very prosperous New Year. 2009 in metaphysics is the year of celebration...and I plan on doing just that. We all need some up-lifting right now because of lost love ones, lost jobs, depressed economy, etc. I plan on doing everything in my power to be an up-lifter, to celebrate life and all the wondrous things in the world...every where you turn there's something to be grateful for, even in the worst circumstances.

I'll have a lot of new art work to show you in the coming year...updating my website, a new Etsy shop, being more present in my blog again, art shows, exhibits, etc....all very exciting things to look forward to ...and to celebrate!

Merry Christmas!!

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