Monday, January 25, 2010

LA Art Show

over the weekend i attended the 15th annual los angeles art show, which is the biggest art fair happening on the west coast. it's the first time i've ever attended this event and had a great time perusing each gallery!

at the front of the convention center, large crowds formed around talented artists painting ginormous canvases, each one very unique. there were also printmaking demos scattered through out the various booths.

the subject matter and styles varied widely from traditional landscapes and prints to quirky sculptures (one being a giant walk in kiss! crazy!).

ray turner had some really cool oil paintings on glass, frank relle had awesome photographs of decaying homes in new orleans and my favorite gallery was sue greenwood fine art in laguna beach.

this is definitely a show well worth checking out next year, if you're in the area. i will be there...for sure!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

rain, rain go away....

as we are saturated and overflowing here in southern california from overwhelming rain storms, the hillsides behind us are holding up well. and despite mandatory evacuations above us and school closings, we're staying as dry and safe as possible. AND...this morning there was snow! beautiful, glorious snow!

i wish i could say that i've been at home curled up next to a roaring, crackling fire drawing away...but i can't!! in fact i haven't accomplished much since i last least where art is concerned! but i did have a wonderful 4 day visit with one of my college roommates and her wonderful son, who is just about the same age as my youngest. so i was playing instead and having a great time!

but now it's time to dig back into my art.

i'm starting a new commission soon and working on 3 new drawings. i'll have to extend some of my january goals into the beginning of february...but that's okay, it is what it is and it's all just fine!

tomorrow morning i'll be up in the mountains playing again...but this time in the snow!!yeahhhh!

Friday, January 8, 2010

fresh new year ahead!!ahhhhhhhh

january marks a fresh start and with it, optimism for tons of possibilities in the new year ahead!

i was a bit off kilter the first few days of twenty ten but since then everything has been just flowing with ease and elegance! in 8 days i feel like i've accomplished so much and am beside myself with excitement!

* designed and updated a whole new website
*created a new blog banner
*finished 2 drawings
*started 3 new drawings
*started the book"the huffington post complete guide to blogging"
*figured out how to import my blog to my fan page (we'll see if it works today!)
*ordered a t-shirt with one of my drawings on it, and it came out soooo cool!! (stay tuned!)
*working thru my fears
*signed up for an investment class
*put away all my decorations and have been cleaning like crazy
*spent some great quality time with my kids over the holidays

wow...just recapping here makes me giddy with excitement for what's next!

hope the beginning of your year is going super well...if you wanna share it would love to hear from you!!


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