Monday, November 26, 2012

upcoming show

the 10th annual holiday small works show is happening from december 1st through the 29th at the segil fine art gallery in monrovia, california. i SO hope you can join me at the reception this coming saturday from 5-7pm. see details here! 
this is one of two graphite drawings juried into the show. the photos i shot for this drawing were taken at deukmejian park, a skip and a jump from my home. over the long holiday, my dog josie and i went back there for another challenging hike. we took the trail to the left that curves down into a beautiful ravine where josie loves to wade in the narrow winding stream. then climbs high into the sand colored mountain range overlooking the foothills, just north of los angeles.
i'm very blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place with so many gorgeous areas to hike and a dog that even at 9 can out hike me!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

 i actually got the opportunity to draw sunday evening, altho i was soo exhausted from the weekend that i drew like a turtle. not that turtles actually draw...i was referring to the slowness aspect of them. i guess i am still it's a monday morning!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a baby titan

 after a very early and lengthy morning of checking into our hotel in Nairobi, we jumped back into our white vans and headed off to the elephant orphanage. 

standing behind a roped off red clay area, mint green robed care takers placed baby bottles the size of which you've never seen before every few foot along the rope.
materializing from behind some vegetation to our left, approximately 20 baby elephants came charging down the path to get their bottles of delicious creamy milk. the crowd was entertained by these tiny pachyderms greedily feeding from the bottles held firmly by their care takers until the last drop was polished off! then the antics started...tug o' war with trunks, goosing, a few fights and a lively game of soccer ensued. i can't tell you how awestruck and overjoyed i was! never had i seen a sight like this before!
so this new drawing in progress is of one of these sweeter than honey baby elephants, who i came to love more than any other animal on our adventurous safari in kenya. funny, i really thought the cats would be my favorites!

Monday, November 5, 2012

They stand quiet in the breathless hush of beauty.


 Zarafa (c) 2012 Kathryn Hansen

progress shots of zarafa. 


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