Tuesday, February 21, 2012

forging ahead and "just california"

 i am sooo hoping to be able to finish up with this elephant drawing in the next week! then i know that i will have the birds in art show covered...well...with at least one drawing! i'm a bit nervous about starting the bird as that's the focal point of this piece and has to be super accurate! the bird will end up being pretty small so i will have to dig out my reading glasses to magnify all the details. what can i say...these eyes are getting old!!
and cool news...5 drawings were chosen for the "just california" gallery show at the mcgroarty arts center in march. the reception is march 9th from 6-9 , just right around the corner! and like, i just realized today that i have a lot of framing to do...and fast!

Monday, February 13, 2012

progressing and tragedy

 when i looked back on my last post i realized that i am actually making a lot of progress!! and relatively fast as i found numerous pockets of time this past weekend to draw!
 i wanted to stay close to home this weekend as my youngest daughter witnessed a very tragic incident at school on friday afternoon and i wanted to keep her talking and feeling her feelings as much as possible.

a boy she knew took a running leap off of the 3rd story roof of the science building at the beginning of lunch period. unfortunately many other students witnessed this horrific scene as well. something you never want your child to have to deal with. something you, yourself never want to have to deal with. my heart is very, very heavy with sadness for the family, wondering how they can possibly cope with such a loss.

we are profoundly changed by this experience and hope that for whatever reason or higher purpose of this tragic incident that some good will come out of it...more kindness, understanding and thoughtfulness on the part of all the students there at the high school. maybe that's what Drew was looking for in his fellow classmates to make such a dramatic exit.

Friday, February 3, 2012

"Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more."  
~Vincent Van Gogh~
this is the start of my Clouds Over Kenya drawing. it's coming along pretty fast considering i barely squeezed any drawing time in last week. 
Sammy...he never fails to jump up on my drawing board and sit for awhile. i just consider it my "coffee break!" and by coffee break i really mean red wine and dark chocolate with sea salt break!
 and this silly thing is our foster kitty Diamond, who likes to lay underneath my drawing  board, partially on my lap. 

this sunday i'm hoping to get out to the LA arboretum to get some great photos for a fourth drawing!  hope you have a wonderfully creative weekend too!!


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