Friday, February 13, 2009

What's shakin' in the studio

I'm spread all over the place this week...a commission, my new drawings/collages (4 of them) and putting finishing touches on ATCs. I was sooooo disheartened the other night while trying to figure out a way to tie my cards together onto these really cool pieces of twisted wood I found while hiking weeks ago....nothing seemed to be working. I got so frustrated that I just started tying knots, cutting, slicing and ripping! It's crazy but in that torrent of energy I ended up liking it!! I think! I have to live with it awhile to see. Here they are.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A different kind of i candy today

On Wednesdays I usually feature one artist who's work I truly admire and respect. But today instead of just one artist I thought I would feature a variety of wonderful artists that belong to EtsyVeg.

I've just joined EtsyVeg (click the icon to your right to get to the website), which is a group of very talented artists working in many different styles and mediums. They are all Etsy sellers and are either vegan or vegetarian. (I have been a vegetarian for 18 years now). Their goal is to increase the visibility of vegan and vegetarian products in the marketplace. To create a place which is easy to find with a wide array of amazing goods handcrafted by people who are committed to this way of life.

Please check out the's very interesting with many resources for a vegetarian lifestyle.

1)live life free by vaeda 2)White Cloud Ceramic sake set by leandogpottery 3)Chicken at door by
SunflowersSoap by soapychica

Monday, February 9, 2009

A phenomena that lie outside normal experience

I just finished reading Outliers this weekend and I highly recommend it. I read Tipping Point, another one of Malcolm Gladwells books, many years ago so when I saw his new book I had to read it! Both of his books makes me think about the world a little differently.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What I've been up to...

Applications (which includes photos) are due for the Montrose Arts and Crafts Fair in June in just a few more weeks, so I've been frantically revamping my tent space so it looks inviting, eclectic and engaging to potential clients. I'm adding a lot of new art work into the mix this year and want my tent to reflect that new energy. I'm doing it all up in white with turquoise accents. So, I'm sewing turquoise flags and banner, adding Chinese lanterns, these sewn white leaf hangy things, and looking for turquoise and clear bottles for flowers and candles. In my mind it looks way cool!! (hope it really does!Ugh)

I've been trying my hand (locally to start) at this lifestyle. because I love the idea of traveling from town to town, meeting new people, seeing new lands, and a dash of the unknown thrown in! Sounds like a really romantic and intriguing life, doesn't it!!? I'm definitely up and ready for a change of scenery!

I'll post photos in a few weeks, as soon as I get it all in place. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Julia Freund

When I first joined Etsy I found this amazing artist from the South of France, Julia Freund ( I just love her art work! If you look at her collage pieces they have a lot of mystic...fragmented faces (how does she do that?), partially obscured people fading into paint and creamy biege and brown backgrounds. I am very inspired by her creativity! And I'm going right over to her Etsy shop and order her "scratchy cat" button...she had to take her inspiration from my cat Sammy...gotta have it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

gettin' er done

My drawing is almost finished...just some tweaking to do here and there. I started putting it together with quotes ( from Mother Theresa) that I found on the internet and then tea stained. I hated looked so hodge podgie, mishmashed, a total fiasco I tell you! So I played around with it, added some crows (which I still have to draw out) a small quote and I think it will work. But there's still gluing to be done and sewing as well. Stay tuned!


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