Tuesday, August 30, 2011

photo blocks

ta da...here they are~ the finished photo blocks that i  showed you in progress in an earlier post...seen here
 i'm very happy with the way they turned out, altho to be honest, they were a lot of work! 
 but i think i have figured out a way to go much faster for the next batch...the ones i will eventually offer for sale. the labor intense sanding and finishing is what took up most of my time in making these blocks...but on the positive side my arms are getting very buff! 
 i did receive a few complaints along the way from my oldest daughter Allie, because i took up too much counter space in my kitchen when i was staining and finishing the blocks...like..."there's no place to make my food mom"...and you know how much teenagers love to eat, so i will have to set up a temporary table in my family room next time!! 
 with the long weekend ahead and now knowing what i am doing(!!) , i should be able to get a ginormous started on the next set of larger blocks!! so exciting!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

art overload!

+  awesome girlfriend  
 = one fantastic experience in Laguna Beach!!

my amazing friend Julie and i spend a long, delicious weekend packing in as much things on my to-do list as we possibly could!! we hit every show there: art a-fair, sawdust festival, festival of the arts and the pageant of the masters as well as lots of local galleries that dotted the downtown area.
  early every morning we strolled along the beaches taking photos and tide pooling. we hiked high above crystal cove, along  the coast line on a trail called BFI...big f%#@*ing incline (which it was!)!! 
 on saturday, as we were perusing the art shows we kept seeing the same eerie image of an old tower, a very kind and forthcoming photographer gave us a secret treasure map to the secluded white sand beach where this 1926 tower was located along the beautiful blue-green water!
 the overload of art still has my head spinning with excitement as i have been dreaming for a short while now of eventually applying for art a-fair. once i have more drawings in my portfolio, can afford both the expense of the booth fee and mandatory time commitment for being there, i will apply. i have my sights set for the summer of 2013.

i think it's a very worthy and thrilling goal!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

an artfilled weekend

4 drawings + 2 projects = great happiness!

creating a new way to display my photographs. photos of finished pieces to follow next week!
foreman...keeping a watchful eye on me, making sure i am working hard!
writing down lots and lots of thoughts regarding my e-book on drawing...way harder than i was expecting...but finding the process really thoughtful, interesting and fun!
just throwing in a cute photo of shortie cuz i am crazy in love with him!!

and that sums up my weekend!! hope yours was just as spectacular!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

don't be afraid...

...to go out on a limb. it's where all the fruit is. 

~farmers market at the grove~

Friday, August 5, 2011

just a few minuscule touch ups here and there and this kitty is complete and ready to send out!!

up next...it's that time again for creating a drawing for the california wildlife center in malibu!! see last years donation here.

Monday, August 1, 2011

miracles are a manifestation that supersedes our expectations...both quotes by Lazaris

lately i've been working intensely with my image as a successful artist and consciously creating miracles in my life. i've already seen my resistances beginning to break down, the clouds parting and evidence that's keeping me very excited and motivated!!

i have an abundance of ideas that i'm in the process of implementing:

e-books on drawing, a new process with my photos, more creative blog posts, smaller drawings of objects i collect while out and about in nature, plus checking out more art fairs to participate in next year!!

i have a truck load of enthusiasm happening here...so stay tuned!!!


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