Thursday, July 22, 2010

rewarding donation

until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

 this is the 4th year that i've donated a drawing to the california wildlife center in malibu. all of these drawings were animals that were once patients at the center and then released back into the wild. pretty awesome huh! i tell you i love this place, from the director to the vets to all the volunteers, they are just incredible and so, so dedicated.

i feel very privileged to be able to help them out in raising money for their facility at their annual fund raiser called the wild brunch.

below are some of their patients thru the years. all the animal photos are from their facebook sight.

check out their website, go to the brunch or just make a monetary donation. any amount helps them tremendously! and i know all the animals they save would be very grateful!


The Creative Beast said...

WOW! your drawing donations are AMAZING!! i love how you are sharing your talents to help others =-)

PS: congrats on the etsy treasury the other day!buc

Amelia said...

that is such a beautiful thing to do and wonderful sentiment. I ope the centre raises loads. I've never been a pet person, but I do love animals :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog with your encouraging and kind words - always means a lot!


Kerri said...

what a great thing to give $ too! i find it amazing they're able to release them back into the wild!! :)


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