Wednesday, May 30, 2012

doubt can only be removed by action 

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~ more critical voice whispering in my ear this long holiday weekend! and the ivy is coming along...slowly i admit...but still gaining ground!! and having fun in the process!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

in·san·i·ty    [in-san-i-tee]

noun, plural in·san·i·ties.
1.the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind. dementia, lunacy, madness, craziness, mania, aberration. 
i've been at it awhile, sketching in the details for this new drawing. if you were able to climb inside my head you would be hearing this exchange:
voice: are you insane?  
me: i know, i know...but!
voice: trying to draw all these vines is impossible...what were you thinking? stop! do something easier!!
me: i know, i know, but look how well "out of the burrow" turned out! i felt the exact same way at the beginning of that piece too!
voice: this one is even more'll never be able to pull off all those vines!
me: maybe i should tackle something else?

and this conversation goes on and me on that one!
Out of the Burrow
yet something is compelling me forward

i just love the way the sparkling light hits the vines by the tree line! and the start of the path...i really like that a lot! plus that fabulous S curve in the design that my college professor always encouraged us to incorporate. then there's the challenge of it...if i can pull this off i will feel very accomplished!
this may be my new mantra every time that voice starts in on me!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ojai magic

at the beginning of the month my wonderful friend julie and i spent a long, glorious weekend in ojai, california.

we had some really cool experiences there, such as a huge tree filled to the brim with egret nests...they make the funniest sounds, a cross between a frog and a child babbling!! we also came across a gorgeous bullock's oriole and a beach lined with seals and a variety of sea birds! we hit up a story telling festival at the local park, a large outdoor book store and a small vintage shop in an alleyway with the cutest french bulldog named sunny! we found a micro brewery tucked away from the main drag and the best tangerine margaritas ever! seriously...they were delicious!!

i am truly blessed to have such a great friend that i can talk to for hours and days on end with and share such an incredibly magical place with. if you've been there you'll know exactly what i mean and if you haven't, for sure put it on your bucket list!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Tire Swing

The Tire Swing   2012 (c) Kathryn Hansen
He gazed across
The wind-swept meadow
To a lone tree
Standing there

Its jagged, silhouette
Surrendered ‘neath
A sky more firey embered
Than his flaming hair
Which crowned him then

But it was neither tree nor sky
That stole his youthful eye.
It was the tire swing
Whispering, promising,
“With-me, you can fly!”

The boy lept across the meadow
Like a deer panting for water,
Till at last
He climbed aboard his dream.
His round, black, holed
Flying machine.

Then, holding tight,
And bending to and fro
With all his might
Began to drive
Began to glide against
The sinking sun
Till it was night outside

Across the starry littered sky
Beneath the moon’s soft lullaby
Ascending ever higher
Make believing
He’s a flyer,
He smiles,
As he tips a wing.
He is an aviator.
He is the sky king!
And all because of one,
Old tire swing.


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