Monday, October 28, 2013

Joshua Tree

On the first part of the journey,
 I was looking at all the life. 
There were plants and birds. and rocks and things, 
There was sand and hills and rings. 
The first thing I met, was a fly with a buzz, 
And the sky, with no clouds. 
The heat was hot, and the ground was dry, 
But the air was full of sound.
after three trips this year, my relationship with joshua tree, california keeps deepening. with it's vast expanse and silence, with it's amazing people and their creativity and vision. i find myself drawn more and more to this place, inspiring me to strip down to just the essentials. i love the solitude, wonderment and innovation happening there and really appreciate the simplicity of life and nature.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

on the prowl again!

queen b is back on my drawing board again and needing to be completed very quickly now, not just because i still have 4 commissions to go but because i want to enter the pair (king leo) in an upcoming gallery the race is on!! wish me luck and cross everything you've got!

even tho i completed my large house commission on friday evening, i still can't show it to you, as it needs to get framed and then given to their client...hopefully next week! but here's a few more snippets of the piece. little leo (our foster kitten) can't stay off my drawing board...too many pencils and erasers to play with!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Art is an adventure that never seems to end.  

~Jason, Los Cerros Middle School, 1999~

my unending adventure with this commission is almost complete...thank goodness!! trying to draw a house and surrounding woods fast for a detailed artist like me isn't much fun, but it feels oh so good to almost be done! plus it's turning out way better than i was expecting, and i learned a lot along the way!

 i can't show you the whole piece just yet...only fragments as it is a gift from my client to their client! so here are a few snippets a long the way! 
(little leo, our foster kitten loves the warmth from the light!)

up next on the drawing board is sammy, moo's brother and queen beatrice needs to be  finished by the end of october if i'm to enter her in an upcoming show! no rest for the wicked i guess!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Queens progress

i was making good headway with queen beatrices drawing, but now she is put on the back burner because my commission is due soon and i'm only 1/2 way done...even tho i drew on it like crazy over the weekend! yikes!! 

i am still adamant about completing her before the end of october tho, so i can enter her in an upcoming gallery show.

just never enough time in my day to create!!!

lady diamond showing queen b her place!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

yes, a giveaway!! yay!

just popping in to let you know i am having a giveaway going on over on facebook.  just leave your name or comment over there for a chance to win an 8x10 print of The King! it ends on sunday, so don't delay!!


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