Thursday, July 21, 2016

The dog days of summer are over!

After two and a half years of only drawing dogs for clients I finally received a kitty commission!! 

Cats and whiskers make an irresistible combination to draw!  I find the process of drawing them in colored pencil a completely different experience from drawing them in graphite. Altho I highly enjoy both, each medium has their own challenges! Adding/layering color into the mix on top of values and textures is certainly an adventure, sometimes in fun other times in frustration!!!

Other commissions this year:

Molly (c) 2016 July 8x10

Rossa (c) 2016 May 8x10

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

But these are days...

...we dream about, when the sunlight paints us gold. 

~Bright Eyes-The Difference in the Shades~

I took a really good and fun pastel workshop with Barbara Jaenicke at Dillman's Bay Resort in Northern Wisconsin with my sister and dearest girlfriend. Despite the lack of pastels absolutely needed for the class, which caused me a lot of frustration, I just really learned soo much!! For now I am not going to pursue pastel landscape painting but I can apply a lot of what I learned to my colored pencil drawings. And maybe down the road I can dive deeper into pastels when I have more time. But the workshop wasn't the only aspect of this trip I was looking forward to, Dillman's was just SO beautiful and the owners super nice and accommodating...a really old fashion enjoyable place!! I was also there to be with my family and friends as well. A super memorable vacation that included all my favorite things. I will definitely go back again!!


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