Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

When I read about all the snow in the mid-west and our own brush with snow just 15 minutes up the mountain from us...this is how I see it in my mind...pure, pristine and beautiful. Makes me very nostalgic for Christmases past. The laughter, the presents, some tears of happiness, champagne, food feast all day long, family, games, outdoor snow fun and joyous times. I wish everyone a most joyous, happy holiday and a very prosperous New Year. 2009 in metaphysics is the year of celebration...and I plan on doing just that. We all need some up-lifting right now because of lost love ones, lost jobs, depressed economy, etc. I plan on doing everything in my power to be an up-lifter, to celebrate life and all the wondrous things in the world...every where you turn there's something to be grateful for, even in the worst circumstances.

I'll have a lot of new art work to show you in the coming year...updating my website, a new Etsy shop, being more present in my blog again, art shows, exhibits, etc....all very exciting things to look forward to ...and to celebrate!

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In honor of my mom

My mom passed away on Dec 4th after a hard battle with lung cancer. The best word I can think of to describe this whole experience with my mom is...surreal. I left sunny, warm California to fly to Wisconsin to be with my mom all day, my siblings and me taking care of her needs in a beautiful hospice care facility, surrounded by cornfields, with the weather cold and gloomy outside, knowing this would be the last time I would be with my mom. It's heartbreaking, it's life changing's transforming. These past few years my mom and I grew a bit distant from each other, but this whole experience and her death is life altering for me. I feel a new self emerging. I have been taking stock, reflecting on my life and initiating change. I feel more grounded, more adult and even less materialistic. The few material possessions I thought I could never do without...photographs and my childrens artwork and baby things no longer hold their appeal, because in the end it just doesn't matter. What matters is how well you lived the journey, were you kind & generous with your talent and time, did you give of yourself, did you live a happy and joyous life, now hard did you laugh, did you do what you love. Did you love well? These are the important things. And so I am making changes....and I am creating like crazy. I don't even sleep in on the weekends any more...I'm up creating artist trading cards. Every chance I get I'm noodling with them...doesn't matter if it's 15 minutes or hours. I wake up in the middle of the night excited about my artwork, about life, about where I am going and who I am becoming. My mothers life and death has given me a new and fresh outlook on life, in ways too numerous to mention and in ways I could never have anticipated.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I just want to thank all my wonderfully patient clients, friends & blog readers for being so thoughtful in sending me well wishes at this time with my mom in hospice care. It's been a very surreal and emotional time for me, flying back and forth to WI to be with her. I will write more once I can fully gather all my thoughts and experiences around it. I feel forever changed by it. Thanks so much!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I put out the challenge to myself of really deciding a direction with my art the other day, in my step one to becoming a financially successful artist. So, finally last night I figured out my direction. I want to absolutely stick with my current body of work: urban scenes in LA. It dawned on me as I was reading the section on mail art in Suzanne Simanaitis's book Kaleidoscope. I realized why the ATC cards appealed to me so much..I was looking for a way to freely visualize and express my deeper emotions...especially now with my mom dying. My sister told me last night that my mom would never go home again, that she now needed around the clock care. Boy did that hit me hard...still is...that house has been in my family for 42 years of my life and even tho my childhood years were at times extremely difficult, due to my father...that's still home to me! So, it just hit me what I was needing art wise...I need it for me. In fact before I go to WI in a few weeks I am going to create 10 mail art pieces (with images of my mom & family, house, etc.) leaving plenty of room for writing, then when I get there I'll do the journaling part. I'm kinda excited about it...I'll have this wonderful piece of art that will capture my feelings & thoughts about my mom. I've never before done this in dealing with a momentous situation in my life. I'm turning to my art for comfort!

So, back to what I feel is part two, for me, in working toward an accomplished and prosperous art career...Goals~ starting with general (10 year) down to specific (3 month). The sequence being 10 yr, 5 yr, 1 yr, 6 m & 3 m. I tend to be really good at achieving goals IF I write them down & post them...checking them off.

I want to leave this post with a wonderful quote I read every day by Alan Cohen (who I love!)

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Changing times

My life has these crazy highs & lows right now. The highs are how proud I am of our country, electing Obama to lead us for the next 4 is truly historic! Not only that, but the voter turn out...people caring more than ever! I'm so excited to be apart of it! I'm also beyond ecstasy that Californians voted overwhelmingly YES on Prop 2! The way animals are treated is so important to me, and even more important to the animals suffering every day in factory farms. I have been a vegetarian for over 18 years now, my 15 year old daughter 3 years and I'm just converting my youngest...and we ALWAYS buy range free eggs (when we actually do buy them). So, way to go America!!

I'm also thrilled to say that I actually worked on my artist trading cards the other night and I'm sooooooo delighted with them...I'll try & post some pics of them next week. I love these cards for a few reasons...first of all, they are not intimidating to do and secondly, I love that I don't know how they are going to turn's such a feeling of freedom! I know that sounds crazy, but you're dealing with a realist here who plans out meticulously how each of my drawings are going to look...there's no surprises there...once I plan them, there's no great revelations involved in executing them.

Now on a very, very sad and heavy-hearted note, my mom is dying of lung cancer. I'll be flying back home soon to see her again...hopefully not for the last time, but most likely (I absolutely hate to say). This mom of mine is one tough cookie! in the last 6 years she has suffered one physical ailment after another...breast cancer, heart attack, broken leg, broken shoulder, etc...and NEVER complaints!! My family has a great sense of humor and that's how we all seem to deal with terrible circumstances in our lives....but this great lady even goes beyond that, if possible. Any way, can't write about it any more as I am losing it here. Deeeeep breathe!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

A new journey

My boyfriend told me yesterday that I was scattered & unfocused again regarding my artwork. This is due to my obsession with ATC's this past week. I've basically abandoned my new line of drawings he (well, both of us) really love, to pursue this obsession! It got me to thinking and made me really focus on what it is I want here in my little world of art. Along with my ATC addiction I've been conversing through email with a new friend, Suzanne Scaefer (the artist below, who's beautiful ATC I just purchased). We've been trying to figure out how to become more financially successful in selling our art. For me it's a complex issue stemming from unsupportive parents, to lack of self confidence, to feeling invisible, to lack of a distinctive personal style, to not really knowing how to market myself.....and about a kabillion other reasons. So, I'm feeling really ready to start stepping things up and figuring this whole thing out. To get focused, set some goals, have a vision and become financially successful as an artist. So, last night & today I started making a list of things to help me on my way. I'm going to be sharing everything here in hopes of helping myself & others....join me on this journey of mine to see if I can finally do this, this time!!!

So, number one for me is: Do I have a consistent, distinctive personal style of art work that I am excited about?

Answer: Yes& no. My new line of drawings (urban scenes with Omar) is yes....I have around 12 pieces done so far and have a wonderful vision of how I see this in a gallery setting.

The no part of this involves my current line of animal art pieces...I want to move into ATC cards & solder jewelry with animal images...not the same drawings as I have now, but more loose, pen & ink and collaged images.

My whole goal here for my art is to move away from my photographic sources ....I'm seeking more creative freedom in my work. I now feel fully confident in my artist abilities as far as technique is's that intuitive creative artwork I crave...that I want to be able to achieve.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Psyching myself out

Created by: Suzanne Schaefer

It's kinda funny what we do to ourselves as artists...or as people I guess when trying sometime new for the first time. Because I can be a perfectionist, I tend to stop before I even begin. I've been so excited about these Artists Trading Cards and wanting so much to carve out some time at home to work on them. Well yesterday I got some free time as both my daughters were out of the house doing their own thing. Earlier at work, I went searching for other artists & their cards...well...there are some awesome artists (I'll list them below) out there doing creative ATC's. So, got to work on my own cards last night, totally inspired by all I had seen on the internet that day and at first my inner critic came in so strongly... telling me to stick to my drawings. I gave it some voice time & then decided to just relax & have fun...which I really did...but that little naggy voice still plagued the back of my mind.

Before I woke up this morning, I was dreaming of failing at chemistry class...altho I was clearly working on some electronic project! At 47 I don't think I should be dreaming of high school again!!! I think some of this has to do with the ATC's and a new book I just purchased as well: I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy, and Power by Brené Brown. I'm not too far into this book as my only reading time is right before bed...but so far she is explaining about how shame has permeated our lives as women. I did relate to one woman's story, so I've been pondering the effects of shame in my life for the past few days. I tell you, my mind never shuts off...that's why the Abraham-hicks work has been such a god send to me!!

Okay...on to some of those incredible artist's I've been tell you about!!

Yesterday I purchased my first ATC card (very exciting)(see it above)from Suzanne Schaefer at:

Other artists I found on flicker:

And of course Bernie Berlins them!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

ATC art class

All I can say is wow...what a fun class!! It was very hard to leave when the alloted 3 hours was up. Bernie Berlin is a wonderful teacher...learned so much in those 3 little hours. Plus she was so personable, sharing stories of her life and art. I am so grateful that the Universe steered me in that direction! Above are a few cards that I started but need to finish up (they're basically just the background). I tried to buy some gel medium at the exhibit area but they were all sold out & didn't have time the rest of the weekend to get to an art store....we had soccer games and a small addition to our house we had to finish up this weekend. But I could hardly sleep a wink Sat night I was so excited & antsy to work more on my cards. I'm hoping to get over to the art store tonight before it closes...I can't go another day without working on them. Bernie was right you get really obsessed creating these neat little cards!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A happy Halloweener?!

lifting out

I've had this underlying river of anger flowing through me lately. No one would notice except my boyfriend, Alan...he can see it in certain situations I'm dealing with right now. Mainly with a cell phone I ordered on Ebay. They sent me the wrong phone and it's been downhill ever since trying to deal with the seller. I've been working hard in trying to understand it, release it, and change. I believe it has to do with power...or lack of it...that others (the economy, Ebay sellers, etc) are creating my life, not me. So...what do I have control over? Well, my thoughts, my artwork, my actions...I guess everything that has to do with what's inside of me. I can choose to be a victim or a visionary here, it's my choice.**** I really want to be a visionary!!****

Friday, October 17, 2008

Coming Alive

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well...I am feeling back in alignment again! After I wrote in my blog yesterday I did an exercise of reaching for a better feeling, which I learned from Abraham-Hicks. It seemed to do the trick because I felt much much better that I even signed up for an art class! The Learning & Product Art Expo at the Pasadena Conference Center will be here at the end of October. One artist stood out from the rest for me, Bernie Berlin. It looked like she had some interesting things to teach regarding I felt really drawn to sign up. Afterwards I went to her blog (since her art sight isn't up yet) and found that she & I have some major things in common, which is probably why the Universe wanted me to take this class. We obviously have art in common, but I believe she is from Wisconsin as well or has ties there, and she runs an animal rescue facility! So, I am VERY excited to meet her & take her class. Here's her info if interested: blog:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

After effects

It's quite peculiar, the after effects of the WWW on Sat. I am feeling such a gamut of emotions...and not the light emotions of happiness, joy or bliss. No,unfortunately I'm feeling the darker emotions of depression, jealousy, and self-pity. This is not all stemming from the show but from different blogs I have found recently on artists who seem to be making a good living at being an artist. Of course I would find these when I'm feeling down in the dumps about not making it as an artist financially...just to stick the knife in a little deeper I guess!!I really wish I felt inspired by them, but instead a feeling of jealousy & a bit of hopelessness thrown in as a cherry on top! I know I am the creator of my own experiences & the other day I chose to feel good about having fun that day...but as I look at my pile of bills I am choosing to spiral down to the heavier emotions and into the muck.

I think part of the issue is I stuff my emotions down, not wanting to deal with them, just wanting to pretend everything is all sunshine & roses, when it's not. The thing is,I know better than this...I've been studying metaphysics & spirituality for a very long time. I guess it's one thing knowing it and another thing living it...but that's what I must do, live what I know. And I know I can't get to where I want to be when I'm feeling down. I have to reach for better feeling thoughts and then get back to my normal happy self and start creating the experiences I want!

more tails!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tails from my show!

Hmmm...where do I begin regarding the Wiggle Waggle Walk? Well...financially I did quite poorly...not a single print went. Actually not much of anything went..very disappointing! But regardless, my boyfriend Alan & I had a wonderful time! It was prime dog watching... & petting... & holding! Dogs of all sizes, shapes & breeds turned out with their owners to raise money for the Pasadena Humane least I know my vendor fee went to a great cause!

So...a mixed bag of a day for me. I can look at it in one of two ways, one...I'm bummed and disappointed in not making any money ( much needed money, I might add!) or two... I had a fun day: LOVED seeing the dogs, talking to the other vendors (who also sold very little), meeting wonderful people in my booth who were truly interested in my art and giving to a good cause. And I guess just as importantly, this experience is making me look at what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. What is it I really want? I know for sure that I love being apart of these outdoor art/craft events as a vendor, I know I want to travel around the country participating in them, and I know that I want to sell my art work and be an artist full time again. Then it just comes down to am I doing the artwork I want? No...I've known it in my heart for awhile I've actually stopped doing the animal portraits & have been working on my graffiti graphite pieces that I am absolutely in love with. My drawing of Omar is one of those pieces...but I learned an important lesson when I saw it framed up in the Animal Magnetism show last needed to be more integrated with mat & I'm working on that. So, I believe in my heart that once I start getting more pieces like Omar finished and start displaying and selling those kinds of pieces they will fly off the wall. If least I will have been creating art that is more aligned with who I am right now & what I want to say with my work. Omar is just the first spark of where I am going with this and it's extremely exciting!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Being a visionary

With Headlines screaming economic holocaust, it's hard not to go into fear. As an artist my first thoughts are~ at a time like this who's going to buy art?!! But Alan Cohen comes to the rescue with sound insight...A visionary thrives under all conditions. Plain and simple! And really, when I'm honest with myself, I absolutely know that I am the creator of my own experiences...that's why the economy, whether it's good or bad, does not dictate my reality. I am responsible for my life flourishing or floundering. And I know with all my heart that a higher source/power is at play here and knows exactly what we need.

I am financially struggling right now...juggling bills, cutting back where ever I can. But, as a visionary, I unquestionably know great things are in store for me and others. This is a time of change...we can resist it or find peace with it. A single change in our lives can shift may take baby steps but nothing changes until I do!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things are coming together

I looked at the calendar last night & freaked's almost Oct...the following weekend is my show...ahhhhhhh!!! I'm not ready! I called my printers immediately..."do you have my prints ready...tonight...okay". Got there around 7...only proofs done. But, no worries, Rudy printed them right away while we chatted about cameras. While waiting I spied a newly delivered print rack standing over to the side of his shop...he got a great deal on it from Jerry's Artarama. So, this morning I ordered a small rack for my beautiful new prints...yeah! And of course clear plastic sleeves for the prints...things are coming together!Phew! I think I'll be ready...if not...whatchagonna do?! I'm really looking forward to it, it'll be a fun day. The only thing is, is I'll miss my youngest daughters soccer game that morning. I'm a true blue soccer mom...not the kind that yells & gets mad at the ref, but the kind that's always there cheering on the team and never forgets my snack date!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

it's raining, it's pouring....

The darkening clouds this morning were wrapping the sky....they rested there so brilliantly! I just stood there and of my favorite things to do. What a great way to embark on a new week!

I had a busy weekend...camping for part of it. There is nothing like being out in nature! We were up in Angeles Crest...the astonishing beauty of earth & rejuvenates me from a busy entwines & embraces me...inspires me to be more!

Friday, September 19, 2008


"Your life is a reflection of what you believe you are worth." Alan Cohen

I just saw that quote this morning and thought it so appropriate for me. For the past few days(even weeks, maybe)as situations arise, I've been giving worth a lot of thought.

I just lowered the prices on some of my artwork lately and sometimes guilt arises when people write me and ask what my prices are for commissions and I see other artists on Etsy having sales on their do you put a price on your worth? We are all spiritual beings deserving of everything we want in why is it such an issue with us? How do you stop undervaluing yourself & your work?

Is it just standing up and confidently saying, this is what it is worth and with unwavering trust, know that with our attraction based universe the right people will be more than willing to pay the asking price.

Maybe to gain self-confidence I have to start believing in myself and what I'm creating. Believing that I can succeed in anything that I put my mind to. I think I'll start by making a list of what I can do, have and become once I acquire the confidence & worth I desire. I think I can become that confident person, knowing my worth. A lot of it is just attitude...and just choosing to be confident & worthy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OCCCA photos

Check out the link below.It has photos from the artist reception for the Animal Magnetism show at the OCCCA that I'm in. Now you can see some of the fantastic artwork I was talking about!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm headed off to the printers tonight. I found this wonderful printing place, just by accident (wink) through an ad on Craig's list inviting people to an artist reception that Friday. I've had countless issues with trying to work with printers...Rudy at Paper Lion in Arcadia, CA is now the 4th printer I've tried working with...and he's GREAT! He actually answers his phone, he's there at his shop, he has an artistic eye and works with making each print come out beautifully.

I'm just finding myself a bit anxious about getting prints made and I don't know why! It's taking a monetary risk, not knowing what will sell I guess. But mostly I think it's not knowing if artistically I'm going in the right direction and investing even more money in's a bit daunting. But I have a show coming up in October...the Wiggle Waggle fund raiser for the Pasadena Humane Society & I want some middle range items for sale. I guess I just have to buck up, say it's only money, and dream the outcome...that my prints will fly off the table. That's what athletes do...imagine the outcome of the race/game...right!!

I wonder if every artist goes through this quandary?!! I can't be alone here!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Ever since I wrote about creativity a few weeks ago, I have been so inspired! I read over Teesha Moores web page on how to create journal pages and started looking thru magazines...riping out pages...cutting....imaging!! I just haven't gotten to actually buying the right watercolor paper to put it all together yet, but in the mean time, my mind is soaring with ideas. Sometimes I think you just have to set an intention and then inspiration happens! My issue now is focusing and sticking to a few this weekend I made a plan and set goals. If I write out my goals...especially weekly ones, I achieve about 90% of it. Right now I have two areas I'm working on...the art work I want to get into a gallery with & the work I want to go to art & craft shows with/sell on Etsy/ sell on my website.

I've been reading Alan Cohen's book, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore. It's been most uplifting as I am pondering about my life and why things are not always going my way...specifically the selling of my work. It's been a struggle for me, that's why I constantly question if I'm going in the right direction. I've always read & heard that if you do what you love to do, the money will come. Maybe I'm standing in my own way with all my doubts & confusion...I don't know. But I'm working on changing my thinking with this book & Abraham-Hicks teachings...consciously catching any negative yammering in my head, looking for things to appreciate, dreaming, etc!

But, I am always hopeful...that's for sure...I rarely get down and if I do it doesn't last too long. Life is too busy to be down for long...and there's just too much art needing to be created!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Artist Reception

OCCCA had their artist reception for "Animal Magnetism" on Saturday was soooo much fun!! I didn't realize that the opening was part of a whole artist walk event. If you get a chance, go check out the Santa Ana Artist Village art walk on the 1st Sat of every month. The art work is exciting, the music fabulous and you'll get very inspired...I certainly did!!

The "Animal Magnetism" show itself was even better than I had anticipated it to be. The artwork was very diverse from a large dragon head sculpture to traditional paintings. The dragon head was so had to get close to see the intricate details from plastic seals to cigarette butts! But some of my favorites were, Wafting by Terry Powell, GoatspiderII by Cynthia Minet and the absolute cool frame in Here in the Dark by Daniel Plessis. I feel very honored to be in a show with such talented people!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

more rambling...

So I've been gathering links & blogs of some of my very favorite artists to put on my website. (I think I'm the only one who has a website & no links on it!!) As I'm looking them over I just fell in love again with Teesha Moore's ( work! I truly envy her ability to be so creative. I use to be incredibly creative as a child.... I would take all kinds of hidden treasures found around my grandparents home and make assemblage pieces and dioramas from them. Something happened along the way of adolescents and then adulthood where I'm now totally married to reference materials in order to create art....ugh. I cling...I don't risk & explore any more. I'm getting better (at least that's what I tell myself!), but it's still hard to let go...too much of a perfectionist? Too loud of an inner critic? All that gibber gabber inside my head that says it has to be perfect otherwise I'm a phony...I have nothing worth saying...other artists are sooooo much better than much more creative...blah, blah, blah! I think I'm just afraid of making bad art...that's it in a nutshell! I think the remedy for me is the old Nike motto...just do it! I think a few (or in my case, maybe a lot!) of really bad pieces may lead to something extraordinary...well, at least something more free! And then my chains of bondage (photos) may disappear and I can create pieces of work that lifted me up during the whole process of creating. Wow....I'm just imagining the feeling of being free now.........mmmmmm!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I want to start writing more of my thoughts, insights and basic ramblings here and not just posting photos. I guess I'm a bit intimidated here...I've always told myself that I'm a visual person, writing is not my bag. But eventually...after my oldest daughter graduates from high school, my dream is to be traveling the country showing my work at various art fairs and I want to chronicle it all into a book. But that's all down the of my many, many dreams! I'm putting the cart before the horse once again...first I have to have a strong body of work that I can sell!! And that in itself is the beginning I guess. I vacillate often I going in the right direction? I tell myself all the time that if I was wouldn't my art work be selling well, wouldn't this whole process be much easier than it is? Or is that part of the adventure? Figuring it out...finding new inventive ways to sell. I guess if it all came easily, all the time, it wouldn't be challenging & I would definitely lose interest. I'm basically obsessed with trying to figure this all out...I wish I could relax a bit more about it. Trust that the universe brings me everything I need & want in the right time. It's just that when the bills start piling up, it's hard not to question why the commissions are few and far between.

But over all, right now in this time & place I am very happy with my artistic ability. When I look at drawings I did even as little as 3 years ago...the improvement is tremendous! So, I'm ecstatic about that one small piece of the puzzle! And where I want to go with my artwork...all the different drawings, collages & assemblage pieces I want to do...I'm also very happy with my creativity & innovation. Now...if I can get it done & sell it!!! But honestly, if I died tomorrow...I feel like I am accomplishing what is most important to me...expanding my imagination and creativity....even if I don't sell it...gulp...but i REALLY hope I do!!!

Taaa...daaaa.....the unveiling of Schroeder

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

The evolution of Schroeder

I get many questions regarding my drawings & murals, so I thought I'd just show the drawing progression of Schroeder, Tina Gold's pug. She won the raffle in June at the Montrose Arts& Crafts fair. So, here is the original photo I received from her and two shots of the drawing in progress.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Way Wild

We just delivered a framed portrait to the California Wildlife Center for their annual fund raiser, Way Wild. The drawing is of a coyote who had a short stint at the center. CWC is an incredible place, it's director Victoria wonderful! She guide us through the center last year when we first discovered it. They do such great work there helping injured and abandoned animals. If you can make it to their fund raiser it's being held on Sunday, August 10th.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wiggle Waggle Walk

Hi Everyone,

I am going to be participating in this years Wiggle Waggle Walk, the Pasadena Humane Society's 10th annual fund raiser on October 11. I'll be showing my graphite animal artwork that you can view on my website at Hopefully I will be having some new and exciting items for sale, such as t-shirts & tote bags. I'm working on the design and application for it now....I'm exhilarated because I think they're going to look least in my minds eye they do!! And while I am participating in the show aspect of this event my youngest daughter will be participating in the walking part of the event to help raise money to help the animals. I am confident that this will become a family event for us!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Animal Magnetism

My graphite drawing of Omar was just accepted into a juried show sponsored by the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. The theme of the show is Animal Magnetism and will be running from September 4th thru the 28th, with the opening reception on September 6th from 6-10pm. This is very exciting since I haven't entered art competitions in a very...very... very long time! But now that I'm starting to get a nice body of work going I am able to start entering juried shows. I'm starting locally (LA area) then will branch out further as I draw more pieces I think have a chance of winning.


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