Thursday, June 11, 2015


~Julia Cameron~

I've been divinely blessed this year with one commission after another, with super fantastic clients to boot!!! 
One of the numerous reasons I feel blessed is that I have been going  through a creative block of sorts, but thanks to all of these commissions I have still been able to draw and not had to really deal with it! 
I've gotten to the point where I feel like I've just about said everything I needed to say with my current art, wanting to break away from my African work now, and seeing the internet saturated with a myriad of animal portraits these days, has lead me to asking myself countless questions, like; what else can I possibly say that hasn't been said before? Who and what am I doing this for? If I wanted to do this to sell a butt load of work, wouldn't I just go back to painting Landscapes in oil? But that doesn't fit in with my future I've been so intensely thinking about too! It all has to tie together if I want to join the tiny house craze going on now. SO much over thinking has created a block.

So, I've been playing with lots ideas, trying to follow my heart to lead me to what I want to say next with my art. I'm still not 100% sure and have had no time to explore more than just my thoughts about it, but I am hoping to get back to a bit more story telling, a bit more nature and perhaps a bit more of my LA environment. I've been so busy tho that I've not had a chance to spend the day at the arboretum sketching, or going out on a photo shoot to Chinatown with my daughter, or even hike the mountains due to my sciatica.

June has always been my slowest month, but this year it's been anything but quiet. So, I am shooting for at least July to get in a few of the activities mentioned above. Trying to surrender to the creative process, seeing where that takes me with my art.

And hopefully that will lead to being a little less quiet here on my blog as well!!


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