Friday, March 23, 2012

oddly enough my whole interest in a painting is when i'm painting it. sure i care about it for a while-try to decide if i succeeded in what i was after. but strangely it doesn't make any difference to me whether the pictures are sold or not. really, my purpose in painting is creating a thing.

~andrew wyeth from the book, art of andrew wyeth~

Kathryn Hansen (c) 2012 Out of the Burrow

funny...i felt this drawing was complete on wednesday evening, but something with taking a photo of it and looking at it a few days later, my eye is drawn to various spots i want to go in and fix. is any piece of art ever finished? or will i forever be noodling away at it until i feel fully satisfied?!hmmmm!!! good question!! i'll let you know after i work on it a bit more tonight! ugh!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

almost there...yahoooo!

 as you may remember, this is where i last left this drawing in this post
this was last weeks progress
closing in now...and it feels soooo good! just have to finish the roof and readdress the weeds at the bottom and then i can call this drawing done! this has been a challenging piece, so i can't even begin to tell you what a relief i am feeling to be almost finished with it!! so now i am jumping for joy to have at least one drawing to enter into the north light book competition, who's deadline is rapidly approaching!


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