Monday, March 9, 2015

Woofstock 90210

Even tho this show was a bit of a bust financially, it sure was super fun seeing all the magnificent dogs, talking to people about art, having lovely neighbors to our left and seeing a few friends too!!!  
If I had done better I might have come home with a heavenly pitbull puppy I fell in love with at one of the adoption booths, so perhaps it was meant to be and I will get a few commissions down the road from this event instead of potty training a puppy!
Before the event started my friend Robin (below) painted my daughter Emilys face with dolphins!!
Weirdly dogs kept pulling their owners into my booth all day, I swear I didn't pay them off with promises of biscuits and bones, they just liked it in there by us!!

A big shout out to my wonderful daughter for all her help, it wouldn't have been as much fun without her!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

First steps to reception: Works on Paper exhibition

When Barbara, the new owner of Saga Fine Art Gallery proposed a show called Works on Paper along with 4 other artists at the start of January I just jumped for joy!! When she asked if I had at least 15 pieces for the show I thrillingly said YES...even tho in my head I had no idea how many pieces I had to offer her! And as it turned out I did not have 15 pieces as promised, so I got to work!!
I ordered frames, cut mats and framed 9 pieces! Luckily the rest were already put together!! 
I delivered 16 pieces on the first Saturday in February!! Phew!! My part was done until I received the postcards in the mail...then I mailed and promoted like crazy!!
Finally the opening reception!! Despite a two car collision two exits before I had to get off with sluggish, snail paced traffic, I anxiously made it in time!! Another phew!!!
photo courtesy of  Melanie Campbell-Carter
The opening went smashingly well!!!
Linda Queally, Lizz Tucker, me, Mims Ellis
 So many friends, acquaintances and family showed up and gave me oodles and oodles of love and is definitely a night I will always remember!!
My sister Sue and her boyfriend Kenny
 I didn't even get to see the whole show as I was stuck in my magnificent cubicle, talking incessantly well past the 2 hour reception time!! I even felt a bit of discomfort on my face from all the smiling, laughing and talking on the drive back to my home! But that's a good soreness to have!!! 
photo courtesy of  Melanie Campbell-Carter, Cristina Baltayian in the middle, one of the 5 artists, Dolores Pope on right
Barbara Williams, owner of Saga Fine Art Gallery

A huge shout out to all that came to see me. I didn't get a chance to get a photo of: Katherine Kean, Mike and Carol Caley, Sandy Junkunc, and Lynne Fearman, thank you SOOOO very much!!! My heart is filled with gratitude!!!


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