Monday, September 30, 2013

another commission completed!!

Moo (c) Kathryn Hansen  8x10 2013 
i finished drawing Moo late last night after an exciting but disappointing soccer game. altho it was very chilly at the sports complex after the sun set, it was a very heated game, with lost tempers, shoving, and shouting. The Wazowskies lost 4-8...and they were not happy about it...altho they did enjoy their snacks afterwards!

this is a new piece started last week, drawn in between two commissions. i figured The King needed a queen, cuz you know men can't live without us ladies!! plus i want to enter the royal pair in an upcoming gallery she needs to be done by beginning of November!

i won't be able to show you my next commission until it's fully completed, just in case the client of my client sees it. altho i think the odds of that happening are greater than me winning the lottery...but the internet can be a small world at times, so i can't take the chance! so instead here's an adorable shot of Maddie, one of our foster kittens...growing by leaps and bounds!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Moo is mooving along!!!

although i haven't drawn since last wednesday night...moo is coming along pretty quickly.

my last commission, jessica and crystal are safely in my clients hands! 
the two day art show i participated in with 14 other awesome artists went very well. i received another commission, sold some prints and small pieces and was approached to do another show for designers and interior decorators! so, aside from exhaustion and a small cold, all in all it was a wonderful weekend!

and jesus orchestrated us with his magic red paint brush!! what more could we ask for?!

Monday, September 16, 2013

move aside pete, it's raining cats and dogs!

remember my post about pete last week...well, just in that one week since, i received two more 6 in total now!!! that is a new record for me and it's not even christmas yet!! yikes! sooo poor pete is now set aside cuz there are a lot of cats and dogs needing drawing!!

i finish up jessica and crystal over the weekend. so one down!

Jessica and Crystal  Kathryn Hansen (c) 2013 8x10

and started drawing out moo thursday night but got into the finer details over the weekend.


also framed up two drawings for a show this coming weekend at st george's church in la canada. there will be 15 artists in all, so if you are in the los angeles area, please pop in and say hi!! it will be super fun!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pete, Jessica, Crystal, Penny, Leo, and Maddie

sometimes a lot of times i get obsessed with the undertaking of certain drawings and i just have to work on it despite other commission obligations...this time it's Pete! 

at the beginning i just sneaked in a half hour or so in on it, but then i launch into it full blast, so i got a fair amount completed on Pete over the weekend.

but in my defense i also got in a good amount on my commission and should be able to finish it up this week.
Jessica and Crystal

this weekend we also received 3 new fosters, a mama and her two kittens. it all happened in a blur as we got a frantic text pleadinif we could take them in as they were on the list to be put down at our local human society and there were no other available volunteers to take them in. how could i say no! we named the mama Penny. i don't think she is even a year old and she was very tired and weary...but friendly, loving her ears scratched and even some kisses on top of her head! the babies, about 5 weeks old were unfazed and just loved the millions of toys we have accrued over the years for our fosters to play with. i think just a bit of time, love and good food will bring Penny around to being happy!
Penny and her babies, Madie & Leo

so this weekend was filled to overflowing with lots of animal energy, from pelicans to dogs to cats!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

you remember Pete

you may recall a recent post of mine, filled with photographs from one of the most beautiful beaches (i think) in southern california. a private beach in palos verdes. 

that's where i met pete!

 it was a warm overcast afternoon, he was just hanging out with his pelican buddies and seagulls on the rocky shoreline discussing the days catch. pete was the only pelican who didn't fly away when i approached them stealth-like, as i didn't have my zoom lens with me. he definitely was not camera shy!

for being soo cooperative and gorgeous, i am creating a drawing of pete (in between my commissions). there will be a surprise twist to this drawing that i am very eager to add! i'm not going to say what it is yet, so we can all be surprised with the end results. for you because you've never seen it here before and for me to see if it actually works!! 

you won't see it till the very end so please stay tuned to this channel for the final results!


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